Weight Loss

Regardless of your lifestyle and circumstance, maintaining your weight, shedding a few kilos or gaining weight, is a challenge for everyone.

At the House of Healing, our weight management package looks at your current food intake and level of activity to tailor a package to suit you. Focusing on improving the body’s wellness at a cellular level, the 6 weeks program incorporates a complete whole food diet, supplementation, and exercise component.

Contact the House of Healing, to tailor your pathway to better health today.

Rob’s Story…

In 2016, Robert Emmery completed a 6 week weight management program that focused on the maintaining cellular health. Rob completed two 6 week cycles so that he could experience the journey his clients would take in managing their weight. Rob lost 14 kilograms overall. It has benefited his fitness and lifestyle in a positive way.

Rob as the practitioner for House of Healing has embedded the core concepts of the 6 week program and combined it with his own expertise in acupuncture and food intolerance testing to help his clients get the most out of their health.